Online Inventory & Asset Management With Mobile Inventory Tracking

Need to manage out-of-the-office assets and inventory in real time but don't have the tools to do so? QR Inventory - a connected cloud - mobile inventory and asset management system which is using QR codes and smartphones for inventory tracking - can be just the right solution for you.
QR Inventory will give your employees an opportunity to track assets and inventory on site in real time using a smartphone and QR code / barcode scanning, access up to the minute asset and inventory data from anywhere, and you will not spend a dime on the special hardware and consultants.

QR Inventory is very flexible and you can easily adjust it to your business workflow. If your situation is not very common and you cannot find anything that feels just right for your business process, the good chance is that QR Inventory is a good match for you.

Complete Asset & Inventory Management Solution: Cloud Software + Mobile Application

cloud inventory softwareSoftware

Online, cloud-based barcode scanning software accessible from anywhere.
barcode scannersBarcode Scanners
Use smartphones running iOS or Android for inventory scanning.
mobile computersMobile Computers
Use smartphone application for mobile data access and collection.
tags and labelsTags And Labels
Use barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags. Built-in tool to generate, lay out and print QR code labels.
label printerLabel Printers
Compatible with all label printers or regular office printers. We can provide pre-printed labels as well.

Used By Customers In Diverse Industries

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Reasons To Use QR Inventory

track assets and inventory with a smartphone
Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking
No need to buy expensive barcode scanners, mobile computers and connect them to your network. Scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags using regular smartphones running iOS or Android. QR Inventory mobile application allows you to track assets and inventory anywhere in real time.
qr codes, upc barcodes, nfc tags scanning
Manage Inventory Using QR Codes, NFC Tags or UPC Barcodes
Use QR Inventory software online built-in tool to generate and print QR code labels for your assets and inventory. You can also use existing manufacturer's barcode labels or NFC tags.
online inventory software with mobile inventory tracking
Connected Cloud - Mobile Inventory System
Inventory and asset transactions performed with QR Inventory mobile application are stored in a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time. Filter data by multiple parameters to quickly find required information.
asset and inventory tracking that fits your business
Online Inventory System Fit For Your Business
Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business flow. Create custom transaction types, mobile forms for field data collection, custom fields for your assets and inventory, and more via easy-to-use web interface.
mobile stocktaking physical inventory software
Fast, Error-Free Stocktaking, Asset Audits
Do physical inventory, stocktaking, asset checklist and audits fast and error free with QR Audit supplementary software. Use smartphones and QR code scanning to count stock, send data directly to the cloud for processing and storage.
mobile asset tracking in multiple locations
Multi Location Inventory Control
Track assets and inventory in multiple locations: warehouses, job sites, service vans, customer locations and employees. See at a glance stock and recent inventory transactions for each location.
simple and affordabe web based inventory software
Simple and Affordable
Avoid complexity and expense of the traditional inventory management software. QR Inventory is simple to use, has just the right set of features and is easily adjustable to your business model.
customizable inventory control system
Scalable and Customizable
QR Inventory will grow with you, from one user to 1,000+. Customize all information you need to be tracked, recorded and reported via the intuitive web interface.
integrate with internal accounting software
Accounting Integration
Automate creation of purchase orders and invoices. QR Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks®, Xero® and Intacct®, and has its own accounting module.


Mobile Data Collection Using Smartphones, Mobile Forms And QR Code Scanning

Use supplementary QR Mobile Data software for mobile data collection, data access in the field, business process tracking, quality control and traceability. QR Mobile Data is fully compatible with QR Inventory.

mobile data collection and access
Mobile Data Collection And Access
Use smartphone as barcode scanner, data collection and access tool. Access critical information in the field by scanning QR code label. Collect data, including image(s), and obtain signatures.
custom mobile forms
Custom Mobile Forms
Create custom mobile forms for data collection via a web dashboard, link forms to the specific asset or inventory groups. Use QR Mobile Data mobile application to fill out forms in the field and submit to the cloud.
production process tracking
Production Process Tracking And Traceability
Track project through the stages, collect data for every stage the product goes through. Trace back to identify all steps and materials involved in the final product.
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Asset & Inventory Management Solution That Works

What our customers say:

The system is very easy to use both for myself as an administrator and for our field personnel.
Deep Well Services
Everything has been very simple and easy to navigate and learn.
Olori High Reach
QR Inventory is exactly what I was looking for!
Spinal Tech
QR Inventory helped us out many times to locate and keep track of our samples.
W.R.Grace & Co.

Industries Where Mobile Asset And Inventory Tracking Provides The Most Benefits

Inventory & Asset Management For Different Industries

QR Code Equipment Tracking Barcode Scanning Stock Control In Multiple Locations
QR Inventory makes multi-location stock control accurate, simple and affordable. Employees record stock movement by scanning QR code or barcode labels with a smartphone, and can review inventory stock and locations in the field. You have an accurate real time picture of inventory stock and complete accountability.
inventory management for construction Inventory Management for Construction Companies
QR Inventory lets construction businesses maintain timely and accurate information on on-site inventory stock, parts and materials, location and use of the work tools, transfer of equipment and tools between building sites. Durable QR code labels and barcode / QR code scanning mobile application allows for tracking of inventory, parts, materials and equipment in real time.
Mobile property inventory software Mobile Property Inventory Software For Property Management Businesses
You need mobile devices to track inventory and assets stored and used for each of your rental properties on site in real time. QR Inventory allows you to use regular smartphones and tablets for this purpose, and save a lot of money on purchasing special inventory management hardware to supply all of your employees.
Keg Tracking Keg Tracking Software
Make sure that all kegs in your brewery are accounted for, are not misplaced or lost. Track kegs as you send them to the distributor and receive back by scanning QR code label with a smartphone running iOS or Android. Check were kegs are, track kegs through the entire production cycle: from cleaning to refilling to warehouse / distributor and back to the brewery.
cloud it network asset management Cloud Based IT Network Asset Management
Track individual network IT assets (computers, hard drives, routers, switches, etc.), as well as total number and location of asset types. Scan network hardware into inventory management system using a smartphone. Check office assets in and out using a smartphone, always know who has what and when it is due back.
work tools inventory management Work Tools Inventory Management Using Smartphone / QR Code Scanning
QR Inventory will help you effectively manage work tools in the field, tool crib, construction sites and warehouse without purchasing expensive inventory tracking hardware. Use regular smartphones to check tools in and out, enter required information, take photos and collect signatures. Keep track of tools warranty expiration and maintenance.
inventory management for manufacturing Modern Inventory Management For Manufacturing: Mobile Software With Cloud Backend
Using QR Inventory, manufacturers can track raw materials and parts, as well as finished goods in real time, on the factory floor, in multiple warehouses or in the field, by using regular smartphones and barcode / QR code scanning. Monitor inventory level in multiple warehouses, receive alert when inventory falls below re-order point, automate purchasing and receiving. Create bill of materials, track building of assemblies and work in progress.
online equipment rental management software Online Equipment Rental Management Software For Equipment Rental Businesses
Tracking of rental equipment / leased equipment is simple, easy and efficient with QR Inventory mobile application / cloud software combination. Record inventory transactions for rent-outs, returns, sending to repair, etc. by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone. Create custom mobile forms that go with each transaction, and employees will be able to fill them out on their smartphones. Web dashboard shows equipment location, status, due dates, usage statistics in real time.
inventory management for startups Inventory Management For Startups And Growing Small Businesses
QR Inventory software is a perfect fit for the startups and growing businesses - just like you, we are using the new technologies to make our product efficient, simple to use and affordable. QR Inventory uses QR codes, mobile forms, smartphones and cloud technologies for real time inventory tracking and data access that is easy to deploy and learn. Accommodate your business workflow by customizing every aspect of your inventory management process.
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Business Scenarios Where Mobile Inventory And Asset Tracking Makes Most Sense

QR Inventory Business Solutions

stock control Barcode Scanning Stock Control In Multiple Locations
QR Inventory makes multi-location stock control accurate, simple and affordable. Employees record stock movement by scanning QR code or barcode labels with a smartphone, and can review inventory stock and locations in the field. You have an accurate real time picture of inventory stock and complete accountability.
asset and equipment tracking Mobile Asset & Equipment Tracking
Whether you need to track office assets, electronics, or field equipment - QR Inventory has you covered. Generate and print QR code labels for the assets. Check assets in, check out and track assets relocation by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Access real time assets location and transactions history from anywhere.
mobile data collection and access Mobile Data Access & Collection In The Field
Your field employees can access important information on the equipment or infrastructure, as well as collect data by scanning QR code or barcode on the equipment label with a smartphone. You define what data you want them to access or collect via the web based interface.
mobile audits Mobile Audits & Inspections
Create forms via the web interface, and your employees will access them in the field by scanning QR code on the equipment, property or infrastructure with a smartphone. Employees fill out forms on their smartphone, can take and attach photos and submit data to a secure cloud.
stocktaking software Stocktaking & Physical Inventory Counts
Do complete or cycle inventory count, stocktaking in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Employees take stock by scanning QR codes or barcodes on inventory with a smartphone, submit collected data to the cloud.
Inventory Traceability, Lot Number Tracking
Use QR codes, mobile forms and a smartphone to track inventory through the production process. Track inventory by lot number / batch number, trace components of the final product back to the origin. Quickly find all products that include a component with the specified lot number and where these products were distributed.
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