Smart Inventory Management For Manufacturing

Modern Inventory Management For Manufacturing: Mobile Software With Cloud Backend

Implement modern inventory management in your manufacturing business. Track raw materials and finished goods on site, in real time using a smartphone and QR code / barcode scanning. Monitor inventory and materials in multile warehouses, on the factory floor or in the field. Create bill of materials, track building of assemblies and sub-assemblies. Receive automatic low inventory alerts, automate purchase orders, inventory receiving and customer invoicing.
stock control for manufacturing

Web Based Inventory System With Mobile Inventory Processing

Get accurate, real-time access to inventory stock and locations, finished products count, cost of materials. Process inventory transactions where and when they are taking place -- on the factory floor, in the warehouse or stock room -- by scanning QR code or NFC tag with a smartphone. Since each employee has a scanner (smartphone) in his or her pocket, there are no delays in inventory updates. Results of inventory transactions are sent to a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time.

Track Inventory By Serial Number, Batch Number, SKU

Track inventory and finished goods by serial number, batch number and / or SKU. QR Inventory gives you a full control of how and what to track.

Product Status Tracking And Traceability

Track all steps of the project. Create quality control and inspection forms to document every stage of the manufacturing process.
Track batch / lot number of raw materials and all intermediate products. Record all needed information for each batch used in the manufacturing process, (PO, supplier, delivery date, etc., etc.). Access all information on the materials that went into the finished goods, data on the building process and documentation on quality control for each product you produced.

Custom Fields And Mobile Forms

Create custom fields to hold all required information on inventory items, including images. Employees can access this information by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Create custom mobile forms that employees need to fill out when material is received or finished goods are created. Information filled out on a mobile device is sent to a secure cloud and is available via web dashboard to all authorized users in real time.
stock control for manufacturing

Track Inventory In Multiple Locations

Control inventory in multiple warehouses / storage rooms, seamlessly transfer inventory between locations. Track precise location of a specific item within the warehouse.
stock control for manufacturing

Build Assemblies / Track Work In Progress

Build multi-level assemblies, track what parts and materials go into assemblies. As you build assemblies, parts and materials that you use are automatically removed from inventory. Track work in progress, access reports on what was used, when and by whom. Access serial numbers of parts used to build a specific assembly for technical support and repairs.
stock control for manufacturing

Integration With Internal Systems: ERP, MRP, Accounting

We will integrate QR Inventory with your internal systems and software.


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