Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Cloud Asset & Inventory System

Up to the minute asset and inventory information is available to all authorized users anywhere, on computers and mobile devices.

Mobile Asset, Inventory Tracking

Track assets and inventory in the field, access and collect data using QR Inventory mobile application.

QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC Tags

Generate and print QR code labels, use existing barcodes / QR codes or NFC tags.


QR Inventory Features & Benefits For Small & Medium Business

Simple to use, yet feature rich mobile asset tracking and inventory management system powered by QR code / barcode / NFC tags scanning and customizable mobile forms.

Secure Cloud Asset & Inventory Management System

Real Time Inventory & Asset Data
Authorized users can access the system from anywhere, on the computers or mobile devices, and always get accurate real time asset and inventory information.
Flexible Hosting Options
Host QR Inventory on our servers or on your company's network.

Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking
Data Access & Collection In The Field

Track assets and inventory in multiple out-of-office locations by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone.
Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning
No manual entries - scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags to record or access information.
Use Smartphones As Scanners
No hardware to buy - use smartphones to scan QR code or barcode on asset or inventory label. Record asset and inventory transactions on site in real time, and always have accurate data.
Use QR Codes, Regular UPC Barcodes or NFC Tags
Use what works better for you: regular barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags. Use existing labels or generate & print new ones using QR Inventory
Access Asset & Inventory Information
Scan asset label with a smartphone to access all necessary data: asset technical specifications, installation instructions, drawings, pdf documentation or look up inventory stock and location(s).
Mobile Data Collection
Fill out custom mobile forms to collect necessary data during asset or inventory transaction. Take photo(s) using a smartphone and attach to the completed form for visual documentation.
GPS Location
GPS location of asset and inventory transactions is automatically recorded, and can be viewed in the reports in tabular or map view.
Multi-Item Transactions
Add multiple items to a transaction, fill out transaction form once.
Batch Processing
Move multiple assets from their respective locations to a warehouse in one transaction. Current location will be determined automatically by the software - no need to specify it for each item.

Customizable Asset & Inventory Management Software

Customize multiple aspects of asset and inventory management to fit your workflow and business model
Custom Fields For Assets And Inventory
Create custom fields to hold all required information on your assets and inventory, including images. Your employees can access this info in the field by scanning QR code label on an asset with a smartphone.
Custom Asset / Inventory Transaction Types
Create transaction types that make sense for your business (restocking, sale, taken for a project, return, check in, check out, transfer to a different location, lease - anything that is a part of your workflow).
Custom Item Variants
Create custom variants (such as size, dimensions, etc.) for inventory to keep track of each variant stock.
Custom Mobile Forms
Create custom mobile forms that employees need to fill out along with inventory or asset transaction. Include anything that you need to keep track of - project, client, due date, item condition upon return, etc., etc.
Add Photos To Submitted Forms
Take photos using QR Inventory mobile application and attach to an asset or inventory transaction for visual documentation.
Asset And Inventory Storage Locations
Create custom fields to hold all required information on assets and inventory storage locations (address, license number, etc.)

Asset and Inventory Tracking in Multiple Locations

Track assets and inventory in all locations you have, including warehouses, offices, job sites, service vans, client sites, employees, etc.
Permanent And Temporary Locations
If you have multiple temporary locations that come and go and are impractical to enter in the system, you still can track assets and inventory there. Enter location name manually, or scan it in to avoid errors while processing inventory transaction.
Exact Location In The Warehouse
In addition to keeping track of asset and inventory locations, you can track exact item location in the warehouse, e.g. shelf 7 bin 123.

Products Status Tracking And Traceability

Track all stages of the process and batches of materials that went into the finished products. Trace back materials and process information on all products you produce.
Track And Document All Project Stages
For multi-stage projects that require a strict quality control, create custom quality control / inspection forms to document all stages of the process. Fill out mobile forms on site as job is being performed. Trace back all data and access documentation on any product via a web dashboard, find required information fast from anywhere.
Materials Traceability
Track all batches of raw material that went into the finished product. Create custom fields to hold all required information on each batch. Access detailed information on all materials that were used in the manufacturing process at any time, by scanning QR code on the item or via a web dashboard.

QR Code Labels Generation & Printing

Built-In QR Code Generator
Generate QR codes for assets, inventory, and if needed inventory storage locations, one at a time or in bulk.
QR Code Labels Printing
Print QR code labels one-by-one, download qr codes in bulk to print using a label printer, or download print-ready pdf file with laid out labels for printing on a regular office printer.

Initial Asset And Inventory Entry
Initial Inventory Count

Easy Initial Entry
Bulk import assets and inventory into the system, enter via the web interface or scan in assets and inventory using smartphone as you label them.
Initial Inventory Count
Taking initial inventory count is easy and fast. Scan inventory as you label it, enter quantity - and data are sent to the cloud and stored in a database.


Low Inventory Alert
Never run out of inventory. Set re-order point for inventory, globally and / or by warehouse, and receive automatic low inventory alerts.
Overdue Items
Specify due date for rental / leased assets, and get a report listing all overdue items.

Business Scenarios

QR Inventory can accomodate multiple business scenarios, including:
Batch or Lot Number
Track inventory by batch or lot number.
Serialized Inventory
Track inventory by item line number or serial number.
Multiple Units Of Measure
Track inventory that is measured in units (each), weight units (e.g. lbs, kg, tones), length (e.g. feet, meters), area units (e.g. square feet), etc.
Packaged Inventory
Track inventory that comes in packs, rolls, skids, etc. Scan QR code to find out how many lbs, feet, etc. you have in the package or roll, record how much you are taking, and get accurate total inventory stock in the corresponding units of measure.


Filter reports by custom fields you created, producing exact information you need
Inventory Stock & Locations
Multiple reports on inventory stock and locations, asset location. Filter and group by various parameters to access all required data on your current stock and assets.
Transaction History
Review assets and inventory transaction and movement history. Trace individual items through production stages. Restore what happened to an asset over its lifetime, filter by date and processes.
Monetary Value
Access monetary value of items in stock, filtered and grouped in multiple ways. Review monetary value of asset and inventory transactions. Use these data to invoice clients for a specific date range or specific project.
Usage Statistics
Review assets and inventory usage statistics. Filter data by multiple parameters.

Modular Structure - Additional Functionality

Multiple add-on modules provide additional functionality - pick only what you need
Equipment Service And Maintenance
Keep track of equipment maintenance and service history using a smartphone as barcode scanner and mobile data collection tool. Create custom mobile forms for technicians to fill out. Get alerts when next maintenance is due, and more.
Stocktaking And Asset Audits
Do physical inventory count, asset audits fast and error-free by scanning assets and inventory in with a smartphone. Scanned data are sent directly to a secure cloud, never misplaced or lost. Discrepancies reports are generated automatically. Eliminate manual work, reduce employee-hours and increase accuracy of the process.
Assemblies And Kits
Build items into assemblies and sub-assemblies with inventory stock adjusting automatically as you do it. See at a glance how many assemblies you can build from in-stock inventory and what needs to be ordered to build specified number of assemblies.
Accounting: PO & Invoices
Automate creation of purchase orders and invoices based on inventory stock and transactions. Receive purchase orders and automatically replenish inventory. Keep track of the invoices and payments.
Assets Reservations
Reserve assets for the upcoming events, projects or for the client. Place reservations on a smartphone or via a web dashboard. Scan QR code labels to add assets to the reservation, or search by keywords. Control assets check out and check in.
QR Code Ordering
Allow your clients to place an order by scanning barcodes / QR codes on the items.
Images, Photo & Signature
Take photos and attach them to inventory and asset transactions for visual documentation. Obtain customer or employee signature.
Accounting Integration
QR Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks®, Xero® and Intacct®, and has its own accounting module.


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